Reglazing versus Acrylic Liners

New Acrylic Liners installation are often very costly, the price would amount to a brand new tub and new ceramic tiles. Alternatively, the tub can be reglazed in addition to a new set of ceramic tiles would make for a more cost effective option than to cover your tub and tiles with acrylic.
If you persist on Acrylic Liners, we recommend you first inspect a completed Acrylic Liners bathroom before letting a professionally trained salesperson sell you their products and services. Their promise of delivering a new bathroom within a day should be the first warning flag. We can't give you a new bathroom in less than eight hours. The labor and material costs, in our opinion, does not equal the return on the investment. We give you the quality and value you deserve for your hard earned dollar. When it comes to selling your home, you will see the value you spent in from your home appraisal.
We believe that by covering your long appreciated ceramic tile and porcelain tub with a product that looks like something you would find in a mobile home, or something that looks like a fiberglass unit may reduce the overall long-term value of your home.
Acrylic Liners may be susceptible to failure due to a break in the seal around the top of the tub at the overflow or at the drain shoe. Water gets trapped between the liner and the tub where it becomes stagnate and produces a terrible odor which must be taken off with crowbars and gasmasks.
Call us today. Let us to inspect your bathroom, we will be glad to discuss all of your options. We would be delighted to answer any questions or concern you may have.